2017 Snake Creek Gap TT #2

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This was the second year that I made the trip down to Dalton to race The Snake. This year was the first time that I was going to race the same distance both times. If you read my last post, then you know that the first race was shortened because of the weather. But, anyone who finished would get credit for finishing the race in their class. Last weekend I headed back for the second race in the series. The good news was that the weather was supposed to be a lot nicer than the first race. Not just less ice and snow that we could actually race the full distance, it was going to be pretty nice.

One problem with the weather being nicer is that I had been riding in colder weather and not used to knowing what to put on. I am not very good about…

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Snake Creek Gap #1

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Last weekend was the first of two Snake Creek Gap TT races. Being that it is the second weekend of the month, it did not leave much down time for the new year. I didn’t go too crazy at the end of the year, but I tried to keep as active as I could. I knew this race was just around the corner. The first week of the year didn’t work out too good for riding and I didn’t get any miles in before this race. I did have some activity, but no riding out doors.

As the weekend drew closer, the extended forecast kept getting worse. The high temp if the day kept going down and the chance of snow kept increasing. There was even some thoughts about not heading down as it didn’t seem like it would be worth it. Since part of the group already left Thursday…

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Times fun when your having flies

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It is hard to believe that I am actually working on the year in review post already. It does not seem possible that 2016 has come and gone already. Overall it has been a pretty good year. Not everything worked out the way I thought they would, but I am still here and riding better than I had in previous years. With that in mind I really can’t complain. I took the momentum from the end of 2015 and tried to build on that this year. Just like other winters I had a good plan of doing better about staying in shape and before I know it spring is here and I have some catching up to do.

I didn’t get a bunch of riding done in January or most of February. Typically only getting one ride if any each week and several of them I didn’t ride at all…

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Gravel Grovel 2016 – Hindenburg 2.0

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This is basically how my Gravel Grovel went.

So, what was lining up as having the most potential to my best Gravel Grovel to date ended up a little less than optimal. It sounded like it should have been awesome, then it caught fire and crashed to the ground. That maybe a little excessive in the description, but that is completely how I feel. Lets go back a few weeks. I was riding as strong as I ever had and the first two scouting rides I was riding strong. I still was trying to figure out how to be faster on race day, but I was putting in some of my quickest Strava segments to date. I was not really going for segments, but it does make me feel better when my times end up being better than previous trips. Little did I know that in a few weeks I…

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Boograss Dash

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Last weekend I participated in the inaugural Boo Grass Dash. I was teamed up with McLovin’s to form the team Eric squared. This event was modeled off of a former Sub 9 and now Dino series event the Death March. This is a back road/gravel race where you have to make it to check points that are cemetery’s. You were given map containing a list of stops before the race. It was up to you on how to would get to each one (or the ones you were going to make). At sign up you drew a card that had a letter on it. Your special challenge was to find a tombstone with a last name that starts with that letter. Sometimes this was a lot harder than you would think.

The weather was a little cooler than it had been, but it was a beautiful day once the sun…

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I had not done any XC races this year. There were a few that was interested in doing and something else conflicted on the calendar or I just couldn’t get myself to make the drive. This race was the last one in the DINO series and there was going to be a few teammates there. I also had someone to share the ride with me so that always makes it easier to go. Before this race I had not been on my mtb since the Mohican. I figured I might be a little rusty, but it didn’t really matter as I was not worried about winning it or anything. But, I have put in some good miles and figured I would not be too bad.

The weekend didn’t start off too well for making a good showing at the bike race. There was a soccer game on Saturday in the…

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DINO Muscatatuck: Bob Boehmen


For starters I have never raced well here and the short hills seem to kill me so I never look forward to this race.  Throw in a muddy course and rain as I was driving down and I was really beginning to wonder how rough it was going to be as one other year we had a muddy course and I finished dead last and my time was well over two hours!  As I got there the first bit of good news came in that the race was shortened from three laps to two laps!  I didn’t really warm up and figured I would just ride for fun and try and stay upright. With the weather it was a light group but as usual our 40-49 group was the biggest and I went into the woods around 12th out of 14 and just followed the guy in front of me for a few miles until he spun out on a hill and let me go in front of him.  From this point on I was able to find a good pace and catch another guy and keep a fellow racer behind me for the first lap.  Shortly before the end of the lap I smashed my little toe on a root and knew it hurt like crazy (later it was completely swollen and purple) but I had a lap to go so I just blocked it out!   As I began the second lap I used the first hill to distance myself from the guy who had followed me all of the lap 1 and with only a second lap I was able to maintain that pace the rest of the way.  I am not sure what the difference was this year but I was able to ride most of the course in the big ring, even most of the hills, which wasn’t normal and my lap times despite the conditions were only a couple minutes off my normal times when the course has been dry.  I was very pleased with the race and finished 24th of 29 which for me and at this course is a good result.  I normally don’t beat five when we have 45+ in the field so it was a good result for me!  I have to say it was kind of fun to race in the conditions as normally I won’t go near a wet trail as I don’t want to damage the trail or my bike!  It did do a number on my bike and I will need to fix some things prior to the next race at VSP!  With how I felt I am looking forward to a dry course at VSP and see if I am getting stronger again as the year goes on.  Last year’s 10,000 miles kinda took it out of me and I haven’t been riding as much, but I am starting to feel like the legs are coming back finally!  See you all at the next race!!!  And again a huge thanks to Adventures Recreation & Gear for the opportunity to represent them!